Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Most Woman-Friendly Franchises

Photo Courtesy morgueFile.comIn many ways, this is still a man's world. Men are still in the executive suites at substantially more major companies than women. The average man's net worth is still greater than that of the average woman's. And even when you want to start a franchise, most are more geared toward a traditionally male view point. So what is an ambitious, go to woman to do, then? Start a more woman friendly franchise, that's what!

While they are a bit rarer, there are a ton of woman friendly companies out there, and many are willing to sell you a franchise (and train you in its operation). So forget the glass ceiling—or better yet, take a big, pink hammer and smash it into a million pieces. The following are just a few of the myriad franchise opportunities that are built to suit YOU.

Do you like to work out? Do you like to coach people, and help people to become better and healthier versions of themselves? If you answered yes to those questions, you just might have the passion it takes to become a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club franchisee. Rosemary Conley's franchising teaches you to become a health and fitness coach, where you teach fitness classes and help people to "exercise" better nutritional judgment. All in all, you get paid to help people on YOUR schedule.

If exercise is not your thing, there are tons of other options. Are you good with relationship building? Do you like to see businesses become more successful? A franchise with Blue Coast Savings Consultants allows you to offer a suite of 20 different no-risk, no-cost financial services to a huge range of businesses. You can help yourself by helping others! Nothing wrong with that! Or maybe financial services are not quite your thing

Do you love to give great customer service, and help women (and even men) to look and feel their absolute best? A European Wax Center franchise opens up doors to being a provider of all manner of wax services. Nobody likes to wax themselves, but the results are hard to ignore. So let them come to you and your employees, and provide professional waxes with the training and experience the European Wax Center can offer you.

Who says the economy is stagnant? If you have a can do attitude, a franchise in Protingent Staffing may be right up your alley. As a Protingent franchisee, you have the opportunity to assist top tier engineering talent to be matched up with the companies who need them the most. You get to help companies change the world, one engineering challenge at a time.

Maybe you like the idea of helping companies to advertise, but have no interest in making all sorts of cold calls. You can take on an Advertising Consultants franchise, and get the best of both worlds!