Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 5 Scrapbooking and Hobby Magazines

Photo Courtesy morgueFile.comScrapbooking, decorating the house, shopping, they are all things people love and for that reason there are tons of websites, groups, and even magazines devoted to these activities. While some of these activities are sometimes fun on our own (think shopping for scrapbook paper for hours and hours) we may need direction every once in a while. Lots of these magazines end up giving direction in this crazy world. Direction on what is the best way to layout a graduation scrapbook page, or what glue to use to make sure that picture of our great-grandmother sticks on that paper that we spent hours looking for. So, what magazines are the best choices to lead us in the best direction?

Creating Keepsakes

Keepsakes come in all different shapes and sizes. Creating Keepsakes will help you sift through great techniques, trends and advice on all the topics. If you are looking for some inspiration it’s a great place to start for all of these keepsake keepers.

Memory Makers

Scrapbooking everything – from your baby’s first steps to your baby’s steps across the graduation steps is exciting and fun all at the same time. Of course, all the events in between these two events are also exciting! So, Making Memories has makes a magazine that keeps you up to date on the greatest scarping tools, gadgets, layouts and fun. You won’t want to miss a single issue of it!


Are you at a loss as to how to put together a few of your memorable events? Scrapbook Trends is one of the best places to go as the foundation of the magazine is layouts created by its very own readers! Do your friends tell you how much you love and adore your scrapbook? Go ahead and send them in to Scrapbook Trends to be a famous scrapbooker!

Scrapbooks Etc

Of course, scrapbookers can never have enough paper, layouts or themes! Scrapbooks Etc. is a great place to get that and more! Scrapbooks Etc also provides information on scrapbook storage, gadgets, and tools. Sign up for a subscription to avoid missing any great timely templates!


Sometimes we just need to be able to create our own scrapbook pages. Simply Scrapbooks put the power in your hands by providing great material lists, fonts and templates. Scrapbooking is all about DIY, and that’s what Simply Scrapbooking provides us with the opportunity to do it yourself!

Scrapbooking, stamping and journaling are all great hobbies and activities! We can always pick up great tips and tricks online and from friends, however, one of the best ways to pick up tricks, trends, and tips is by signing up for some great scrapbooking magazine subscriptions.

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